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1. Renewing laptop battery

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We can refurbish all laptop batteries used and sold in Hungary. In our web shop we listed some brands - Apple, Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Compaq, Fujitsu, IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. If you can't find the price of the renewal battery in the list, please have a look at the following table: (Voltage and capacity of the battery)
Voltage (V) Capacity, number of cells Gross price (HUF/piece)
10,8 2300, 3 cell 8.750,-
14,8 2300, 4 cell 10.625,-
10,8/11,1 4600, 6 cell 13.000,-
14,8 4600, 8 cell 16.125,-
10,8/11,1 6900, 9 cell 18.125,-
14,4 6900, 12 cell 23.125,-
11,1 3800, 6 cell sheets (li-ion/li-po) 15.000,-

Our technical competence and expertise will allow that we don't need the laptop for the renewing process!
We take apart the renewing batteries and we EXCHANGE all the battery cells to the new, tested, quality conformed cells, which is manufactured only for the LION Ltd. and also imported.
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The next phase of servicing we program the electronics of the new cells. (Cycle count, capacity and other parameters.)
The replacement of cells without the PROGRAMMING of the electronics of the battery is meaningless, because it causes mal function (eg. defective battery level, time of operation indication, not a full battery charge).
The renewed battery is the same value as the after produced or factory battery. The price difference is because of the renewing does not need to re-buy the battery casing and electronics, packaging. The refurbished batteries - in case of proper operations - the warranty period is half year.

2. Renewing of tool machines, medical equipment, softball (air gun), household machinery, model batteries

In our web shop you can find prices for battery refurbishing of some tool machinery brand type (DeWalt, Black&Decker, Makita, Bosch). The prices can be found here also concerned to the renewal of any other brand of machinery batteries. We dissecting the batteries and EXCHANGE the contained cells. During the exchange, capacity may increase. About other listed (medical equipment, softball, model, and household appliances) battery renewing work contact us by phone, e-mail, or personally. Refurbishing price for these products does not define by the brand, but the number of the cells in the battery. For the renovation - in case of proper operation - we assume half a year of warranty.
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3. Creation of pack

In case of individual needs of any variation, we can prepare a pack in a short time. For the preparation of the pack, if there is any specification, drawing or you would like to produce an existing pack, please send it to us.
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The price of the pack depends on the number, type, capacity of the cells or if the ordering contains cabling, lamination (in case of li-ion) and defense electronic.
For detailed information please contact us.
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4. Making solder strips

We make solder strips for industrial cells and batteries in short time.

5. Industrial cells

View our list of current products in our web shop.< br/> Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd, Li-ion, Li-Polymer, Li-Fe batteries can be found in our stock: reliable quality, which is continually monitored.

6. Renewing of Segway batteries.

Renovation of all types of batteries with the exchange of all battery cells and programming of electronics: Ni-Mh, LiFePO4.
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