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About us

Our company deals with batteries and rechargeable batteries since 1997.
On the field of battery refurbishment we have many years of experience.
Over the past years, Hungary has also increased the number of portable computers. The life time of the batteries of the machines is up to 1-3 years. In many cases the cost of the new factory batteries are very expensive. This created a surveying service to refurbish the worn-out, not properly functioning batteries. (Details about reconditioning you can find under Services menu.)
Our business working with reliable materials. The cells are adapted to our own needs, manufactured under the name of LION Ltd. We continually test and check the quality.
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We renew machine tools (also with new type of li-ion technology!), medical equipment, transceivers, softball (air gun), models and household appliances.
We also produce battery packs in large quantity and series too.
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We offer video recorder, camera, PDA and after manufactured laptop batteries.
We are looking for companies, retailers and also vendors:
Our shop is in Budapest, 37. Veres Péter str.
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